Bots for mobile games

We at provide service to automate mobile games

Our software will play the game for you.

Common tasks like joining next battle, using spells, waiting for timed events, collecting gold are automated. Our bot will play the game relentlessly and tirelessly for you.

The bot will control your character. With great precision it will move, sleep, rest.. farm gold and collect items for you. This will give you unfair advantage.

Be wealthy and strong, easy and fast

This will accumulate large amounts of in-game currency, items, progress levels so you can skip the boring parts and play the end game content.

Watch a short video with the bot playing Tap Titans 2

Configuraton is simple

For each game, you can select what you want the bot to do, which spells to cast where to go and who to fight. Then click Start and watch how to bot plays the game

You can use your PC as normal while the bot is playing the game

You can work or play other games while the bot is running. You can also launch several bots on the same PC.

The game does not need to be on focus, you can cover it with other windows, do work or anything else. Just dont minimize the game.

Watch it or leave it, come back after some time and enjoy the spoils. You will become rich and powerful.

Try it for free!

Free Trial available for every supported game. Just login with google or facebook and activate free trial. You will receive trial key active for 3 days. Go to downloads section, get the bot and start playing now!

It's safe

The game is running inside android emulator - an isolated environment. There is absolutely no way for the game to tell that it is not a regular player. Bot will just look to the game's screen to detect the current state, decide what's best to do next and send clicks to the game as if you have manually clicked there.

Links to games:

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More games will be added

Be sure to come back and check for other cool games.